Staging Your Oregon & Southwest Washington Home

Once your home goes on the market, it becomes a product. You can't think of this as your home any longer. It must be a neutral product that can be marketed and sold quickly.  Home Styling or Staging simply allows you to highlight the best of your home and de-emphasize its flaws. It's not about decorating, but actually turning your home into a model, to appeal to the broadest range of prospective buyers. The goal is to make people feel like they could live there, and the best way to do this is to "neutralize" the surroundings.  

You can hire a stager to complete the look for you or use these simple tips to do it yourself. Many times it's simply a matter of removing a couple items or rearranging furniture to create a more smooth look and flow.


  • Clean and declutter—now is the time to pack up most of the house and get it ready to move. You will need to do this anyway so now is a great time to pack away personal belongings, collections and clutter. 
  • De-personalize -  Buyers want to see the house, not who lives there. Remove all personal photos, mementos, and dated items.
  • Use plants in colorful pots or inexpensive wicker baskets to fill in empty spaces. Make the color in the room be in the form of accents not large blocks of color as on the walls or furniture.
  • Visit model homes in your area for tips and watch home staging shows to see how to use the existing furnishings to create a different look.
  • Remove valuables, prescription medicine, collectibles, and breakables.
  • Curb Appeal - Make sure the lawn stays mowed and trimmed and there are not shrubs overtaking walk ways to interfere with buyers checking out the grounds.
  • In summer, turn on the sprinklers for five minutes, 30 minutes before the open house. It makes the lawn and driveway sparkle.
  • Refrain from cooking anything that leaves a distinctive odor, such as fish, garlic, or cabbage. Especially when you know you are going to have a showing. Baking cookies is typically a good call.
  • When you first list, hire a cleaning service for a good, all over deep clean. Then keep it this way by cleaning often.
  • Set the dining room table with attractive linens, dishes, and stemware for open houses, create the atmosphere of a relaxing space.
  • Light a fire in the fireplace in fall and winter.
  • Use mirrors in small rooms to give the feel of more space.
  • Use as much natural light as possible. Add extra lamps in dark rooms or corners.
  • Make functional repairs—fix dripping faucets, sticking doors, and broken fences.
  • Bring in another pair of eyes—even if it’s not a professional stylist. The person may see problems you and have missed.

Be sure to contact us anytime for more information on how to stage your Portland or Vancouver Property. We are experts at what buyers want and need and can help you sell your home quickly with the right tools.